That Voodoo That You Do by Jolie St. Amant

Are you looking for a bit of magic in your life? Look no further than That Voodoo That You Do by Jolie St. Amant:

Chateau Rouge is rumored to be a haunted hotel. It hides secrets and stories within its walls, tales that lure guests from all over the world.

It seems this enchanting hotel is still up to its old tricks, igniting the flames of romance while subtly nudging reluctant lovers to fall into the hands of fate.

Will Josey’s love survive the test of time, despite being doomed from the start? Can Julien melt Hannah’s cold heart, allowing her to see that love is right in front of her? Will Chloe find the home and love she’s been looking for?

Here at the Chateau Rouge you can expect the unexpected. Be careful, or you, too, may become captivated by its spell.Voodoo

Below is an excerpt from the novel:


   Mon Dieu, Josey thought as she looked up from the elegant front desk of the New Orleans hotel and fell head over hormones in to lust.

   “Checking in,” said the object of her affliction. “Name’s Rhett. Rhett Butler.”

   “Rhett Butler?” Josey asked, raising an eyebrow.

   An alias, of course. Celebrities often stayed at the Chateau Rouge using fake names. She blew a lock of black hair out of her face and hit some keys on the keyboard. Looking up again, she felt a wave of white-hot heat throbbing in the tips of her fangs. Her tongue trailed along the edges, willing them not to show themselves.

   His hair was jet black underneath a baseball cap. Tribal tattoos wrapped around arms the size of anacondas. He wore a simple black t-shirt and fashionably tattered blue jeans. His eyes were deep brown, and his five o’clock shadow framed full lips. He was tall—over six feet, by Josey’s estimate. He was just her type. Masculine and ragged around the edges. And, somehow, very familiar.

   It couldn’t be, she thought. Not after all this time.

   “What can I say? My dad was a Gone with the Wind fan,” he replied.

   “Is that right?”

   “Yes, ma’am,” he said, leaning over the desk, closer to Josey. “You look like a woman that should be kissed. And often…” His smoky voice trailed off.

   “And by someone who knows how,” Josey finished for him, breathlessly. She inhaled and stepped back to compose herself before continuing with her normal check-in spiel.

   “You are in the Red Light Suite, Mr. Butler. Are you here for the Voodoo Music Experience, or just Halloween in general?”

   The Voodoo Music Experience was a rock music festival that attracted people from everywhere. Headliners had been legends like Ozzy Osbourne and KISS. Of course, haunted New Orleans attracted its fair share of Halloween lovers as well. The French Quarter, decorated in skeletons, ghosts, and ghouls, would be full of costumed revelers.

   “I’m here for some kind of experience.”

   Her eyes met his, and the air between them sizzled. The flame seemed to burn the oxygen out of the air, leaving her lightheaded and half giddy. She sucked in a breath, catching a whiff of his woodsy cologne. She closed her eyes as the floor seemed to shift.

   Only one man had ever made her feel that way. It couldn’t be. Not again.

   She exhaled a breath and choked out, “This key unlocks both your room and the gate to your private courtyard. Enjoy the festival and your stay with us. If you need anything,” Josey’s voice broke on the word anything, “don’t be afraid to call the front desk.”

  Josey held the key out, and Rhett’s fingers brushed over hers, moving slowly and deliberately.

   Anaconda Arms, aka Rhett Butler, pocketed the key. “If I need any … thing,” he winked at her, “you’ll be the first one I call, Miss…?”

   “Jacobson,” she replied. “Josey.”

   “Josey,” he said, then nodded toward the brass plated sign over her shoulder. “Complimentary happy hour?” he asked.

   “Yes. At eight.”

   “Will you be there?” he asked.

   “Maybe,” she said.

   Damn right I will, she thought. It had been too long since she felt the touch of a man. Too long since she’d fed.

   A grin flashed across his face. “I’ll see you then.” Josey watched as he disappeared in to the elevator.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jolie St. Amant fell in love with all things New Orleans after reading Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. Now, a frequent visitor to the Crescent City, she can often be found getting inspiration from ghost tours, or sipping cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde.

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