Wilde Investigations Update

I thought now would be a good time to give a brief update on what’s been happening with my paranormal crime series Wilde Investigations recently. It seems scarcely believable that it’s October already. I’ve been wondering what happened to the summer and it got me thinking about how easy it is to let the world go by when we’re immersed in writing a book. That seems like a good topic for a future blog post, but I digress…

Fallible Justice

We are moving full steam ahead towards the launch on 8 November and the launch party the night before. I met up with Louise a week and a half ago to sign all the pre-orders, check out the launch venue and talk about my long-term plans for the Wilde Investigations series. I’m pleased to say that none of my plans caused her to howl with outrage!20181005_141849

It seems strange to think that now the book has been printed, Fallible Justice is out of my hands. Whatever happens, happens. I just hope I won’t spot any more plot holes at this stage…

I’m delighted to say that the advance reviews have been stunning and I couldn’t have hoped for a better reception. If you’re interested to take a peek at what people have said, you can find a lot of them on Goodreads.  Several lovely bloggers have also reviewed Fallible Justice and I want to pick out two of them here; A Cat a Book and a Cup of Tea and Moon Kestrel. I gave Yannia, the main character, a chronic illness called Hypermobile type Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS for short) and I’ve been nervous about the authenticity of the pain description. I should know what I’m talking about, since I have a related condition, but experiencing and managing pain is always subjective. However, both these reviews pick up on the pain aspect and how it’s been dealt with, which has been wonderful. If my book helps someone understand EDS and chronic pain a little better, then it’s been worth writing.

We are also looking to support bricks and mortar bookshops with a special promotion. If you buy Fallible Justice from a bookshop in the UK and tweet either Louise or myself a photo of your receipt with a hashtag #tweetyourreceipt, we’ll send you a signed flash fiction story.

Finally, here’s a little teaser from Fallible Justice:

Before I can present the mystery to Karrion, I reach the front steps. As I do, the door opens. A woman, tall with a wiry physique, stands in the doorway. Her white hair cascades in curls to her shoulders and she is wearing a blue summer dress adorned with white flowers. The blue eyes regarding me would be severe, were it not for the warm smile tempering their edge.

‘I wondered when your path would lead you to my door,’ she says as she steps out into the morning sun.

Taken aback by her words, I borrow the nose of a hedgehog nearby and take a deep breath. She smells of rich soil, nectar, fresh green shoots and rotting plant matter. It is the scent of life and I am drawn to her straight away. I have never met another like her.

I make deeper use of my power to examine her more closely. I find she is like an ancient oak tree: her roots burrow deep into the ground; her branches are strong and free of decay; the sap flowing in her veins is potent and full of magic. She is far, far older than she looks, and my impression of her confirms that I found the house only because she willed it so.

Like what you read? You can order a signed copy of the book here.

Echo Murder

Things are ticking along nicely with Echo Murder. The book is currently waiting for typesetting and once that’s been done, the proofreading will begin. In the moments between Fallible Justice promo and working on the third book, I’ve been putting finishing touches to flash fiction stories, which will again form part of the extra goodies for pre-orders.

The big news regarding Echo Murder last week was the cover reveal. It was again designed by the wonderfully talented Jennie Rawlings of Serifim and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’d love to know your thoughts on it. EM_FINAL(cover)

Here’s a small teaser from Echo Murder:

‘Yannia Wilde,’ I say, offering him my hand. Tim shakes it with a frown.

‘I know.’ He gets out his wallet. ‘I have your card.’

‘You do?’

Karrion comes to stand behind me, craning his neck to look over my shoulder. The business card in Tim’s hand is mine, from stock I had printed about a month ago.

‘A man gave it to me last week and said something about this address having the finest hearth in Old London.’

From the dawning understanding on Karrion’s face, I know he has jumped to the same conclusion as I have. He takes the card from Tim, turns it over and even smells it. As a last resort, he gives it a vigorous shake. Nothing happens.

‘Why would Wishearth have one of your business cards?’ Karrion asks and gives the card back to Tim.

‘Who knows? Maybe it’s the sort of thing fairy godmothers like to do.’


I’ve sent the third book off to Louise. Although the editing process and pressing send has definitely become more of a routine, uneasy nerves have made their presence known. I’m not sure I’ll ever be confident enough in my own work not to be anxious while I wait for the yea or nay.

Meanwhile, here are a few lines I rather like from WI3:

‘You make dangerous assumptions, Bird Man. It cost me dearly to create the thread between my kind’s shores and the dying lands. Nor can I travel between them as freely as you think. Too many journeys and I will wither like you mortals until there is nought left of me save for sea foam and fish bones. And do you think me so foolish, Child of the Sky, that I would create a gateway that anyone could access?’

‘Umm,’ is all Karrion dares to say.

‘The path I made is mine and mine alone, hidden in the deep springs and the turning of the tides, where water whispers the secrets of the earth and Kelpies alone sing the lullaby to the waves. None may pass without invitation, lest they be crushed by the currents and drowned in the cold darkness of the deep sea.’

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